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Who We Are


Influencer is an influencer marketing solution that combines human creativity with intelligent global data to build meaningful relationship between brands and creators. Our purpose is to Create Conversation; a concept on allows creators to create stories that build human connections, through the use of influence. Our clients and creators create conversation, we measure the impact.

1004 Label Team

Maya Jonson Art Director
Steve Martin Web Designer
Mark Smith Digital Artist

Our Culture

Our culture runs through everything we do.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like, or who your favourite creator is, at Influencer you’ll be part of a collaborative and passionate team of creative and purpose driven innovators who thrive on breaking boundaries, together. Roll up your sleeves and bring everything you’ve got.

We don’t just follow, we influence.

Influencer Marketing

Partner with content creators and harness their influence.

Creators are experts in producing content they know will make an impact on their followers, your target audience. Get our network of creators discussing your brand with their highly engaged communities today.

Influencer Marketing Concept Ideas

Influencer’s full service technology enables brands and agencies to run campaigns with impact.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencer translates top level media strategies into award winning influencer campaigns that align with key brand KPIs.

Our strategies are underpinned by insights gathered from historical campaign data and industry market relevance, and translated by our data scientists and
in-house creative strategy team, taking into consideration your brand’s key trends and seasonality, to produce campaigns that build meaningful
relationships between brands and creators.

Creator Matchmaking

via our Creator Recommendation Engine, powered by 1st party creator data and historical campaign insights.

Campaign Management

including full Creator & Content Approval, Creator Contract Management, Creator Payments, and Rights & Usage Management.


enhances campaigns at scale, as assets produced are posted organically or reach is maximised through paid channels.

Reporting & Analysis

through official API integrations, live tracking and in-house impact scoring, and enhanced by our 3rd party partners.

Influencer is the intersection between extraordinary creativity and exceptional technology.